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hello , prince faiysal . my name is george youssef .i am in the process of putting so many words on the net and hopefully very soon in a book and a tape about the BAK . I mean the islamic bak .hopefully you know what i mean when i mention the islamic bak magic . my phone number in toronto , canada where i live now is 416-686-3843 . originally i am a christian egyptian from cairo egypt . i am looking for sponsors to fund this fabulous project . until now i only had offers from coran radio channels only(not suitable) . i have enough credit as my words about the bak are online in all languages with the proof . The evidence i have on 2 DVDs as well . my full name and address and contacts are also all over the net . so again do you want to help with the funding . if so you can let me know to arrange the .i sent this message to prince al faisal website today and i would like to know what senator clinton think of that . The Bak is true and if you tpe the islamic bak evidence on google you will find quite a bit.i do not like to be dramatic but i do not have the funds necessary to decently put this one going i also tried to contact the FBI to no avail . i put this matter into your hands now senator.

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