British nuclear submarine of new generation
British nuclear submarine of new generation
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China’s missile arsenal

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Dong Feng 31 missile complexesPhoto:

Dong Feng 31 missile complexes


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DF-21 ballistic missilePhoto:

DF-21 ballistic missile


DF-11 short-range ballistic missilePhoto:

DF-11 short-range ballistic missile

DF-5 ballistic missilePhoto:

DF-5 ballistic missile


DF-4 missile system Photo:

DF-4 missile system 


Ana Paula Oliveira, a 29-year-old brunette who also campaigns for women's rights, signed a contract with the magazine this week and will appear in its July edition without her usual sports attirePhoto by VIP
Ana Paula Oliveira, a 29-year-old brunette who also campaigns for women’s rights, signed a contract with the magazine this week and will appear in its July edition without her usual sports attire

Photo by VIP

The Brazilian Soccer Confederation said it was not considering any sanctions against Oliveira, one of a handful of female referee assistants in Brazil, but indicated it may be bad for her career Oliveira was banned for three games for mistakenly disallowing at least one goal during a Copa Brasil match in May, and has not been called up for any top league matches since.

KA-52 at MAKS 2009 Airshow

20.08.2009 | 19:46


One of the most powerful and agile fighting helicopters in the world cuts through the air like an arrow. The armor-plated beast KA-52, aka The Alligator, wows the crowds at the MAKS International Air Show near Moscow. The Alligator is armed to the teeth with weapons more advanced and superior than existing combat helicopters.

KA-52 carries a dozen anti-tank missiles which can hit a target eight kilometres away, a powerful 30-mm cannon and a huge battery of rockets work as a defence and aid in ground assaults. Just like its predecessor KA-50 – The Black Shark – it has no tail rotor which is marks it apart from other flying predators.  

Moreover, KA-52’s opposite-spinning blades make it immune to strong winds from all directions. Its simple handling could be crucial in combat. The Alligator can work in almost any weather, day or night. And its unique tail design means it needs less space to land which is handy for working in the mountains, the forest, or even in the city. Pilots say operating The Alligator is like driving an automatic after driving a manual, Russia Today reports.

The Ka-52 is another modification of the basic Ka-50 design. It features a two-place side-by-side cockpit and is designed to detect targets and redistribute them among supporting Ka-50. his changes the helicopter’s aerodynamics somewhat, reducing cruise speed and increasing fuel consumption slightly. On the other hand, this change is expected to make it easier for the helicopter crew to perform battlefield observation and coordination roles. The Ka-52 retains the side mounted cannon and six wing mounted hardpoints of the original Ka-50.

A Turkish-specific, NATO-compatible variant of the Ka-52 called the Erdogan was developed in cooperation with Israel’s IAI, and competed in Turkey’s attack helicopter competition. In comparison to the original Ka-50, it has a somewhat “softer” nose profile due to the wider cockpit, reduced cockpit armor, and large nose-mounted radome. Equipment includes radar with two antennas – mast-mounted for aerial targets and nose-mounted for ground targets, and “Samshite” day-and-night TV/thermal sighting system in two spherical turrets (one over the cockpit and second under the nose).

Meanwhile, Kamov indicates that they have been given the go-ahead for “full production,” and hope to complete 30 helicopters for Russia by 2012 while pursuing export orders.