I personally do not believe in the world’s end before we uncover the islamic bak magic.the muslim bak satanism is like worlds in itself. i tried my best to put it on the net on my blogs. you can discover very easily it is present on google, first page of course.the islamic bak creates.like god i mean and there is no god. i have the evidence on 2DVDs and waiting for more proof from muslims all over the muslim world and arab world because every single muslim, male or female have a bak.which means among other things that he is not like us.bin laden, the saudi king or president hosni mubarak of egypt where i came from. the same. they all have a bak.i am trying to say that i put the islamic bak on the net, on google , since 2007. now in many languages including english, arabic and french, with my name and contacts on it . i tried so hard to tell the FBI, CIA Mossad. You name it. I believe this needs coordination , some financial help from respectable organizations and celebrities and businessmen. Right. you bet . thank you from george youssef

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