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Libya plans to purchase over 20 warplanes from Russia. Moscow and Tripoli are currently in talks about the package of contracts, Interfax reports.

Ka-52 A Alligator
Ka-52 A Alligator

“Libya plans to purchase 12 or 15 Su-35 multipurpose jets, four Su-30 and six Yak-130 trainer aircraft,” a source told the news agency.

“Technically, many contracts have been elaborated well, and are ready to be signed. We only need to regulate financial issues,” the source said.

Russia’s defense export giant, Rosoboronexport, participated in the Arab-African Lavex-2009 air show, which took place in Libya in the beginning of October. Official spokespeople for the company said that potential customers were showing interest in the Su-35 multipurpose fighter jet, which was created with the use of fifth-generation technologies. Foreign specialists also paid attention to the Yak-130 training aircraft, as well as state-of-the-art MiG-35 jets and Ka-52A Alligator combat helicopters.

Russia and Libya have already signed five agreements in the field of defense cooperation. The contracts particularly touch upon the military hardware for land troops and navy.

Two year ago, Libya was in talks with France about a 6-billion-dollar arms deal to purchase Rafale fighter jets, as well as combat and cargo helicopters.