Gamal Mubarak underlines Sudan assault consequences

بقلم أحمد عز الدين Mon , 23 Nov 2009 – 12:31 | Views :(811)

Head of the ruling National Democratic Party’s policies committee Gamal Mubarak said that those who are responsible for the assault on Egyptian citizens in Sudan had made a ‘big mistake’.

A large number of Egyptians were brutally injured in Sudan by Algerian knifemen after Egypt lost 1-0 to Algeria in a World Cup playoff game last week.

It’s widely believed that the Algerian attackers were a mix of football hooligans, highly-trained soldiers and convicted inmates who all launched a premeditated assault on the Egyptian supporters after the game.

Gamal, son of incumbent Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and a shoo-in to succeed his father, assured that the culprits would suffer unpleasant consequences of the infamous attack.

“Over the past three days, Egyptians from all walks of life have been expressing their deep anger at what happened in Khartoum,” he told Egyptian TV.

“Whoever planned, contributed towards, facilitated or instigated the violent attacks on the Egyptian fans in Khartoum and thought that nothing will happen in return has made a big mistake.

“Those people will take the consequences; Egypt is an important country and now they have to deal with the Egyptian anger.

“We are not just talking about the reactions of the government, but also of all the Egyptian institutions and people in general.”

A couple of days earlier, president Mubarak vowed not to tolerate the unfortunate incidents in Sudan.

“I want to say in clear words that the dignity of Egyptians is part of the dignity of Egypt,” he said in a televised speech.

“Egypt does not tolerate those who hurt the dignity of its sons.”