The Islamic Bak Magic Satanism Proof on 2 DVDs . From George Youssef

09 July, 2009

  • الخطاب الأوبامي و دليل سحر الباك الإسلامي

  • The evidence of the Islamic Bak Magic

    • The bak evidence.
    • Nusdane Youssefوقعت يا حلو ‏ .إبن القرعة مش أرضي/مش بشري .The Kuwaiti economic Summit During the last Israeli Invasion Of Gaza.The Saudi King Is Releasing The Proof.That  He is Not Human./ He is a Bak . like The Genie Of Aladdin .
    • this was an image from AFP
    • Date: january 20, 2009.
    • Call the FBI and tell them about that and about me George youssef.
    • I come from Egypt, I know muslims and i know what i am talking about.
    • I have tons of proof other than this one .
    • The world need to be introduced to the Bak.
    • Do you know a mossad contact in Israel or abroad ?
    • Over half a million christians in Egypt have already received the “Film Bak ” and know what i know.
    • They are under the thumb of muslims, Islam and the Islamic bak.They need a Voice to be heard…You know
    • muslims are advice to you.stay away.keep your distance .they are homosexuals in the bak.Males and females alike.
    • they also menstruate by the so called “new bak”.Also males and females alike.
    • Muslims create by their bak.The bak creates people.
    • Thus muslims are not created.and they know it.
    • thanks for reading.This is not a hate message.It is true, incredible and i need money to post my proofs on the net and make it public.
    • I can easily make the case.
    • The bak is as legendary as true. Unbelievable.

    send it to me .

    • My name is george youssef.I am a christian egyptian and i live in toronto ,canada
    • Address: 214-33 Coatsworth crescent.Toronto,Ontario,Canada.M4C5P9.
    • e-mail:
    • I want muslims be held responsible for The bak.join me. Send the proof by mail if you have it.The evidence that the islamic bak magic satanism exists and true is crucial. Nusdane Youssef
    • Nusdane Youssef  Nusdane Youssef  Nusdane Youssef  Nusdane Youssef