I thought I want to right this small letter to lady gaga. I am george youssef and I put the islamic bak magic on google since 2007, now also on facebook and twitter. If you type the evidence on the islamic bak magic you will find the proof that I posted on the net; together with my 2 DVDs.on facebook both in english and in arabic available with the famous FBI photo for the saudi king. I am still looking for funding to properly publish and put the evidence I have in the media. There are in Egypt about 1 million people of my “Likes!” who already had their filmbak; the only way so far to remember your biography with muslims in their stinky filthy bak. I don’t have a hate message to say in my letter; I just want to see muslims held accountable for their deeds like everyone else; that’s all. George Youssef of Toronto Canada; www.wwthekingdom.wordpress.com