Obama on Iraq, Iran and Israel in Cairo

President Barack Obama addressed a wide array of issues, including the Iraq war and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in his address to Muslims in Cairo Thursday. (June 4) .AssociatedPress.MM جمال يوسف: الخطاب الأوبامي و دليل سحر الباك الإسلامي
June 04, 2009,M جمال يوسف ‎From the NationNewsAgency – the islamic bak satanism proof from the cairo speech dated june4, 2009. note the egyptian bak in action and hussein obama literally switching the american and egyptian flags during the speech. I have it as well from my home-recorded video and very clear.
Courtsey of gamal youssef-mubarak
ah y…es this time the american flag is on the right and closer to the centre‎